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5 Stars - 3 Reviews
E. Kiczula
September 15, 2018
Utilized outside storage May thru August. Secured gate-each tennant having their own gate-code. There are also outside cameras surveying the property. In July by chance stopped by the camper and discovered vandalism. One of the outside storage cubbys was hanging open-lock was busted. By the evidence of rain inside cubby-hole and cobwebs it was done a while ago. I calked Dan Fishelson, the owner who told me there was some vandalism done to other campers the previous month. Would have been nice if he'd have shared that piece of information with his tennants! Strangely he added that the cameras did not record who the thieves were. After bringing the camper home and upon closer inspection ALL the locks have been pried and or tampered with and an antique fly fishing rod was stolen. I would not recommend using this facilities outside storage.
Reply from Manager on October 1, 2018
Thank you for this review. I'm sorry for this experience. This only happened once and affected 2 trailers when we were a brand new facility. Since then we have upgraded our gate keypad (which you saw) and have invested in 3 more cameras and brighter wall pack exterior lighting. I visually inspected the property and perimeter fencing after that occurrence but did not inspect every door and window on every trailer. I also voluntarily and proactively called the police on behalf of my tenants and filed a report. I also asked for patrolling of my property. Fortunately, we have not had any issues since this one. As hard as I try, any facility is vulnerable to this happening and it happens more often than you think. Our facility still has the highest security measures in the county. Unfortunately, we are taking the poor review due to societies downfalls. Thank you for bringing this to my attention so we can get better as we get over our "new facility" status!
Safe, clean and easy!
Frank Rammstein
April 5, 2018
This facility is how all storage units should be. Kept up, clean and safe, even at night! I love that everything (including payment and lease) is automated and I don't need to work around the owner's schedule.
Clean ,Safe, well lite and easy access !!
A.G. Wallsworth
February 1, 2018
This is a new facility and well worth the money. Its clean, safe and easy to use ! I would recommend this place above any other storage unit in the VALLEY !!!!
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